The Problem

Topical hydrophobic drugs have limited formulation options:
  • Hydrophobic drug formulations feel oily and skin-drying emulsifiers are undesirable.
  • Commercial liposomes have been used, but their diameters are less than 0.2 microns.
  • Low volume to surface ratios affect drug loading. Emulsion formulations have similar limitations.

Our solution

Xylome’s TopicOil™ provides a hydrophilic carrier for hydrophobic drugs.

Xylome has created a radically new topical drug delivery platform: TopicOil™ with higher drug-carrying capacity, smoother texture and sealing properties unlike anything else on the market.

Xylome’s TopicOil™ drug delivery platform provides a radically new and greatly improved solution to hydrophobic AND hydrophilic topical drug delivery. Xylome’s highly purified TopicOil™ lipid bodies are an order of magnitude larger in diameter – ranging from 5 to 12 microns on average.

TopicOil™ is a

  • Feel-good moisturizing macro-carrier for oily drugs but it feels watery
  • High volume to surface area drug carrier
  • Formulation that can carry hydrophobic and/or hydrophilic drugs
  • White cream composed simply of pure lipid bodies

After drug delivery TopicOil™ forms a sealing surface lasting hours

  • TopicOil™ lipid bodies are steam sterilizable.
  • The product can be made under GMPs
  • After drug delivery TopicOil™ forms a sealing surface lasting hours