The Problem

Traditional creams can feel oily or slippery

Many cosmetic creams depend on an oil base combined with water-soluble constituents through the use of emulsifiers. Depending on the formulation, the hydrophobic constituents can feel oily or slippery

Our solution

Xylome’s Yoil-CreamTM encapsulates oil in a hydrophilic shell

Xylome’s Yoil-CreamTM consists of natural lipid bodies surrounded by a water-miscible “shell” that keeps the inner oil droplet suspended in water, and other constituents. As the cream is applied to the skin, oil inside the lipid bodies merges and penetrates. The “shell” remains on the surface to provide a smooth coating. Yoil-CreamTM is long lasting, highly effective, natural and sustainable moisturizer. It is stable under a wide range of conditions and is emulsifier free.