Telephone: (608) 441-8188

Address: Xylome Corporation, 510 Charmany Drive, Ste 61-62, Madison, WI 53719

510 Charmany Drive

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  1. Dear sir
    We are a company interested in all products to Tilapia fish in Egypt
    So I would like to know your products
    And especially 17 alpha methyle testosterone
    And feed
    Seif abou Samra
    Mob 00201001516240

  2. Hi, this message is directed to Tom Jeffries. I hope you are doing well. I certainly miss our conversations and interactions of the past.
    Tom I’ve done some consulting work for SC Ventures based in Phoenix, AZ. Their owner and CEO is Steve Robson. Steve would like to speak with you if possible. Steve’s number is 602-499-3110 and his e-mail is

    Hey if you get a chance send me your contact information as I have lost some of my electronic address records. My e-mail is and cell is 720-302-3585 should you need them.

    Best Regards,

    David Glassner

    1. Hi, David

      I think we touched base through Linked In, but it is good to hear from you again. Xylome is doing very well.

      All the best


  3. My name is Charles Blair, a private investor, I am looking for a very good and genuine business where I can invest my fund, both start up projects and existing businesses needing Funding or Loan for expansion.

    I will like to partner with you/your company so Let me know if you are interested so that we can open discussion on it immediately for possible business cooperation.



  4. Greetings ! Got your ref from BIO investors forum & about Dr Thomas Kelleher vision presentations in 2018 . Our firm Kylla Corporate Transactions ( would officially like to discuss next steps forward if investments from other regions like Asia/Europe is required . Management officially would like to know more discuss wrt if Kylla philosophy fits in. Kylla has its own structured umbrella regulated funds at Cayman Islands,Amsterdam & The Netherlands . Best Regards Chandrakant (Business Partner to Kylla Corporate Transactions )

  5. Hi,

    Hope you are right person to discuss about updated database about ethanol industry.

    We have the complete contact details and verified email addresses of various prospects mentioned below from producers of ethanol, equipment manufacturers, Food and Agriculture, Industrial and Environmental, Pharmaceutical and may more.

    Job titles includes: Business Development, Director, CEOs/CFOs, VP, Consulting/Marketing/Sales, Researchers, Coordinator, and various Key decision makers Please fill in your requirement below and we will revert back to you with details of the number of email contacts we can provide you.

    Kindly mention your target criteria:

    Target Industry:
    Target Job Title:
    Target Geography:

    Look forward for your response.

    Kiyara James

  6. Hi,

    I wanted to reach out and check whether you have need of database from Ethanol Industry.

    We have complete contact details of President & CEO, COO, CMO’s, Owners, Director, VP’s, CTO’s, Manager, Operations, Business Development, Manufacturing, Developers, Plant Manager, Procurement specialists, S&M Manager, Industry Vendors, Technology Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, Project Developers, Investors and Policymakers, Retailers, Buyers, Merchants and many more.

    Kindly mention below the details to understand your needs better:

    Target Industry :
    Target Job Title :
    Target Geography :

    Look forward to your response.

    Best Regards,
    Ank Walker

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