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  1. Greetings ! Got your ref from BIO investors forum & about Dr Thomas Kelleher vision presentations in 2018 . Our firm Kylla Corporate Transactions ( would officially like to discuss next steps forward if investments from other regions like Asia/Europe is required . Management officially would like to know more discuss wrt if Kylla philosophy fits in. Kylla has its own structured umbrella regulated funds at Cayman Islands,Amsterdam & The Netherlands . Best Regards Chandrakant (Business Partner to Kylla Corporate Transactions )

    1. Dear Chandrakant,
      I forwarded your inquiry to my CEO, Dr. Thomas Kelleher. Did he contact you?
      Tom Jeffries

  2. Dear Thomas W. Jeffries

    My name is Syrym. I was a master’s student at UW-Madison (Biological Systems Engineering) 10 years ago and my adviser was Professor Pan. I was conducting my experiments on corn stover acid pretreatment at Forest Products Laboratory when I meet you. I was always fascinated by your research. I even had opportunity to participated on few of your lab meetings. It was very interesting and useful for me.

    I would like to be your partner on introducing your unconventional yeast to industries.

    Currently I live in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is one of CIS country. I think in CIS countries I can find industrial implementation to your unconventional yeast (pentose fermenting yeast). CIS countries has a big potential on bioethanol production from molasses. I know there are several projects are about to start on molasses treatment. I think your yeast will be needed in these projects.

    If you are interested in cooperation, please contact me.

    Best regards,


    P.S. I still regret that I could not take your class (Industrial Microbiology) It was offered only once in two years.

    1. Hi, Syrym
      Great to hear from you. I retired from the Forest Products Laboratory and the University of Wisconsin at the end of 2012 and started Xylome. Have been working on it essentially full time since then.

      We are not currently working on pentose fermenting yeasts but might be starting a project in the near future. I would be interested in pursuing the possibility further.

      Could you tell me what “CIS country” means?


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