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Xylome specializes in adaptive solutions for high value specialty products

Xylome delivers non-conventional yeast technologies and services

We provide technical solutions and technical expertise for your fermentation production systems. From conception to implementation and support, Xylome is your partner in renewing tomorrow today.

Xylome’s Industrial Microbiology Services [Xylome-IMS] can provide highly skilled scientists on-site or working in our labs on your new process opportunities or current process problems.

  • Microbial contamination investigations and microbial identification
  • Yeast nutrient evaluations and standardized laboratory services
  • On-site sampling and trouble-shooting
  • Facility GMP and Non-GMP plant audits, sample management and documentation improvements
  • Metabolite and nutrient testing for pre-purchase qualification of raw materials
  • Problem solving, data reviews and industry training in statistical process control
  • Customized small-scale test platforms for bench-scale replication of processes
  • Microbial controls and preservative challenge testing
  • Microbiological support for research, development and validation before and during facility startups
  • Fermentation and facility design consultation during engineering feasibility
  • Metabolic engineering, yeast genetics and strain improvements programs
  • In-house and affiliate analytical chemistries
  • Expert witnesses

First phone consultation is complementary
Contact: Tom Kelleher, PhD Direct: (805) 603-9736