David Z. Mokry Yeast Metabolic Engineer

Dr. David Z. Mokry is a biochemist and molecular biologist with more than 10 years of professional experience. In addition to expertise in metabolic engineering, genetic manipulation, and high-throughput screening in non-traditional yeast, he has extensive experience in protein characterization by biochemical, biophysical, and biological techniques. Dr. Mokry has published in several research areas, including yeast complementation, protein folding, and membrane protein biology.

Richard Taylor – Fermentation and analytical specialist

Richard Taylor, B.A., M.A. draws on his extensive life experience in microbiolgy, biological sciences, and analytical chemistry to head up the shake-flask and bioreactor trials at Xylome. He carries out intermediate flask-scale fermentation studies (125 to 1000 ml), bioreactor fermentations (2.5 to 10 liter), HPLC and GC analyses and downstream product recovery.

Austin Gluth – Molecular biologist

Austin Gluth, B.S. is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison program in Cellular and Molecular Biology. He has more than five years of experience in molecular biology with particular emphasis on yeast metabolic engineering and in vitro enzymatic DNA assembly techniques. Austin has extensive experience in yeast transformation, high-throughput strain screening, and