Jobs at Xylome

Xylome is seeking Molecular Biologists, Metabolic Engineers and Synthetic Biologists

Xylome produces clean, sustainable oils, cosmetics, feeds and biofuels from sugars, fermentation byproducts and agricultural residues. As a member of our research team, you will be part of an interdisciplinary effort to create novel biochemical pathways and products and take them to commercial reality.

Successful candidates will preferably have experience with non-conventional yeasts, fungi, plants, or other eukaryotic systems. A fundamental knowledge of biochemistry, metabolic engineering, or synthetic biology with a BS, MS or PhD in these or related fields.

Title and salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

We are seeking energetic, creative, and highly self-motivated people who enjoy technical challenges and have a passion for continuous improvement. The successful candidate or candidates will interact closely with molecular biologists, fermentation scientists, analytical chemists, and external collaborators to develop new products or processes, optimize product formation and improve strain performance through metabolic pathway engineering.

If you enjoy solving difficult problems and are interested in creating, improving, and optimizing biological processes and metabolic pathways, if you thrive working in a team environment and enjoy seeking out information from many sources to find a solution, and if you are not afraid to charge ahead on a challenge and correct your course when experimental data or new information presents itself – then this is the position for you.

Contact Thomas Jeffries with a CV and statement of qualifications: or apply through our LinkedIn posting

Molecular Biology Specialist

Metabolic Engineer

Synthetic Biologist