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Xylome’s unconventional yeasts can produce second generation ethanol and biodiesel precursors from existing feedstocks today. Our genetic tools, metabolic engineering and adaptive techniques can modify a range of unconventional yeast platforms for biosynthesis of advanced products.

Unconventional yeasts have metabolic capabilities that go well beyond Saccharomyces in substrate utilization and product formation profiles. Our proprietary strains and genetic toolbox can enable more efficient formation of established products and open doors to novel biosyntheses.

Xylome’s first generation native xylose and cellobiose ethanologen: SPCX-01 

Xylome’s proprietary strain of a native, non-GMO yeast that efficiently co-ferments glucose, xylose and cellobiose from a wide range of cellulosic hydrolysates

  • Research license available
  • Commercial licenses based on product sales
  • Non-Discolsure and Material Transfer agreements required

Inquire about Xylome’s wide range of non-conventional yeasts and yeast technologies for experimental assessments.