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Xylome has licensed the following patents from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for commercial use of technology described therein:

  • Co-fermentation of glucose and xylose by yeast.  Jeffries, Su and Long, US Patent 8,530,211, which enables the use of a yeast that efficiently co-ferments glucose, xylose and cellobiose without genetic modification.
  • Yeast transformation system. Laplaza and Jeffries, US Patent 7,501,275, which enables the efficient transformation of native xylose fermenting yeasts using codon-optimized genes for auxotrophic markers and LoxP recovery vectors.
  • Sugar transport sequences, yeast strains having improved sugar uptake, and methods of use. Jeffies, Lin, Headman, and Bae,  US Patents 8,105,811, 8,916,367, and 9,150,869, which encompass sugar transporters with high specificity for xylose.

In addition, Xylome has retained the right for non-exclusive use of technology described in the following patents and disclosures:

  • Xylose-fermenting recombinant yeast strains. Jeffries, Ni, and Laplaza, US Patent 7,285,403 for the use of recombinant yeast strains mutated in PHO13, which results in higher fermentation rates on xylose and lower stress response when growing in hemicellulose hydrolysate.

Xylome also has proprietary technology for the transformation, metabolic engineering mating, adaptive evolution and selection of unconventional yeasts to increase substrate utilization rates and lipid production from hydrolysates.